Genre: Comedy, Thriller



4 thoughts on “G

  1. Interesting start…a couple of key details will make the difference.

    What is the story they’re working on, a political conspiracy?

    The above will clarify the danger. Is someone out to silence them? Who is the antag?

    • Again, nice observations. I did feel that some of your answers were answered, or at least an answer implied in the final comparison of “The Hangover” meets “All the President’s Men.” The later being one of the finest political journalism films ever produced, but, with that said, the logline could be refined to include another detail or two.

      Thank you again for the comment. I hope you keep reading.

  2. Okay, I meant the particular political conspiracy needs to be clear.

    Now it’s clearer to me that all these loglines are yours. Is this just exercise? I’d rather spend the time on loglines that are being developed for scripts or pitches.

    • How about, “A writer and photographer covering a political sex scandal concerning the secret service, become embroiled in danger and intrigue when their gonzo behavior draws them in to the very story they are covering.”

      All of these are my loglines. I publish one a day during the week. As a professional writer this is both an exercise as well as a development process. If you were specifically interested in having me develop one of these loglines further I am available to do so. If you are interested in discussing this you can send me a direct message to doug@dayiiiprod.com.

      Thank you.

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